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Prison Fellowship – Woman’s choir of Chè-lâm Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

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  • Last updated:2020-07-03
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Hsinchu prison held a caring activity of prison fellowship. We specially invited father Huang, Chuen Sheng, leading woman’s choir of Chè-lâm Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, and 31 members to come to prison for caring. At the beginning of the activity, the director of the educational section gave a speech to appreciate the long time caring and giving of Prison Fellowship Association for the prisoners, what’s more, the director encouraged prisoners that’’ What you believe, what you see.’’, requesting prisoners to do two tasks. When prisoners release heavy burdens and enjoy today’s activity, they might have feedbacks.

After that, the band, consisted of 3 prisoners of the sixth factory, use guitar, re-mixing B-Box skill. Finally, they use rap to sing their own creation to thanks for the coming of all of the guests. In addition, the choir led the prisoners to sing songs to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Eventually, father Huang, Chuen Sheng shared the happiness of rebirth, and foster all the prisoners that everyone’s life are unique, and we need partner along the journey of life to carry each other, and we will have strength when we prey. The director also indicated that after this activity, all of the prisoners could rebirth. Moreover, quitting drugs is a long journey, you do not need to be alone.
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