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In order to strengthen the implementation of convenience services, to enhance the quality of service for the people, according to the prison reform program of Agency of Correction, Ministry of Justice to actively promote good neighbor work.

Notices for Applying for Good-Neighborliness:

  1. The project is not open for individual’s applications
  2. The applicant organ shall be limited to the county (city) government, township (town) public office, village office, school and public welfare associations and organs where the supervisor is located.
  3. The applicant organ shall fill in the application form according to the facts for verification. Application should be submitted with fax (fax 03-5263545) to our supervisor for processing. After fax, please call a contact window (03-5222577 Extension 207) to confirm the receipt. The supervisor shall notify the applicant whether the application result is acceptable or not.
  4. The applicant organ should fill in clearly the date, time and place of work for the applicant organ to go to the service, and comply with the relevant prohibitions and cooperation items, so that the service work can be carried out successfully and smoothly.
  5. In order to avoid affecting the normal operations of corrective business and taking into account the safety and care management of staff, for external applications, the applied authority shall, take the factors like if the service work is dangerous, the distance of the service location and whether the manpower transfer is difficult, as an important basis for approval or not.
  6. In addition to simple tools, the applicant organ should provide the necessary opportunities (tools) for the supervisor to handle the service work.
  7. There is no charge for applying for good-neighborliness service.

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