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  • Christening ceremony

      Time:2019/11/22 09:00-11:00Venue:The auditoriumOrganizers:Hsinchu PrisonType of activity:Life and Character EducationParticipating units:every educational blocksThe number of participants:83 persons  

  • Catholic Holy Mass

      Time:2019/11/04 09:30-11:00Venue:The auditoriumOrganizers:Hsinchu PrisonType of activity:caring activityParticipating units:3rd. 4th. WorksitesThe number of participants:231 persons  

  • Table Tennis Competition

      Time:2019/10/03 09:00-11:00Venue:The auditoriumOrganizers:Hsinchu PrisonType of activity:recreational activityParticipating units:every educational blocksThe number of participants:48 persons   We wanted to cultivate the honor and teamwork capability of prisoners by ball games. Moreover, in this way, we hoped can make prisoners more confident and show themselves. During the game, every prisoners joined the game zealously and all the audience were excited.At the end of the game, the 3rd. educational block(10th. 11th. 12th. Worksite union) got the first price, and the 4th. educational block(13rd.. 14th. 16th. 17th. Worksite union) got the second price, the third price was obtained by the 4th. educational block(13rd.. 14th. 15th. 17th. Worksite union) The whole game were ended at 11:30.

  • just say no to drugs
  • ministry of foreign affairs
  • taiwan tour bus
  • protecting intellectual property rights
  • fight against bribery at elections
  • respect,protect and fulfill human rights
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