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  • Art & Design Competition

    Time:2020/06/11 09:00-11:00Venue:The auditoriumOrganizers:Hsinchu PrisonType of activity:recreational activityParticipating units:every educational blocksThe number of participants:17 persons

  • Ping-pong shooting competition

      Time:2020/06/04 09:00-11:00Venue:every WorksitesOrganizers:Hsinchu PrisonType of activity:recreational activityParticipating units:every WorksitesThe number of participants:56 persons   At the end of the competition, the 4th Worksite union got the first price, score 163 points, and the 2nd. Worksite union got the second price , score 146 points, the third price was obtained by the 10th. Worksite union , score 142 points.

  • Mother's Day Phone Call Reunion

    Time:2020/04/30 09:00-16:00 Venue:The auditorium Organizers:Hsinchu Prison Type of activity:recreational activity Participating units:every work units The number of participants:2177 persons Spring Mother's Day Phone Call Reunion took place in Hsinchu Prison’s auditorium on April 30th, 2020. We hoped to sympathize the inmates’ feeling and relieve their homesick to their family through this meaningful activity. We appreciated the kind assist from Chunghwa Telecom, which did voluntarily provided 50 telephones for our inmates, and they could use the phone call to communicate with their families for free. The deputy general manager of Chunghwa Telecom in Hsinchu operation arrived on the scene to show concern to inmates and the agreement of cooperation afterwards. We hoped the inmates could be at ease and made their family realize the inmates’ daily life in Hsinchu Prison. A total of 2177 inmates benefited from this activity and the Phone Call Reunion wrapped up at 4 p.m. peacefully.

  • Ministry of Justice
  • ministry of foreign affairs
  • taiwan tour bus
  • just say no to drugs
  • fight against bribery at elections
  • respect,protect and fulfill human rights
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