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The Progressive Treatment System, Mitigated Imprisonment and Parole System

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  • Last updated:2020-10-05
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    1. Progressive corrective treatment– an inmate sentenced to six months or above is assigned a progressive corrective measure. The four measures assigned based on the length of a sentence, and carry different responsibility points. The inmate measure will advance once responsibility points have been completely canceled out. Progressive corrective treatment is primarily conducted with much strictness and then progresses to a more lenient program.

    1. Shortened sentence – for inmates serving a definite term, who have advanced three measures or more and have accumulated ten points within a month, their prison sentence is shortened by a few days (two days for 3rd level standing, four days for 2nd level, and six days for 1st level) for every month that it is carried out.

  1. Parole – for inmates who have advanced to a 2nd level measure, served 15 years of a life prison term, served 20 years for repeat offenders, half of a definite prison term, and/or two third’s of a prison sentence for repeat offenders, after serving a full six-month review at the Prison under good behavior and obtaining approval from the Parole Review Board can apply to the Ministry of Justice for parole release.

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