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The educational speech of life and virtue

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  • Last updated:2020-07-03
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Hsinchu prison held an educational speech of life and virtue. We specially invited teacher Lin, Mei Ching came to give the speech. At the beginning, the director of educational section indicated that all the prisoners should listen the speech carefully in order to obtain the knowledge.

Before the speech, the teacher brought a brilliant film to give a brief introduction of the topic’’ Healthy Life’’, she also taught prisoners how to use the adjustment of emotion and the alternation of eating to have healthy body and spirit. You are what you eat, so crucial the habit of eating is.

We can have healthy body when we have small work out unceasingly. The teacher taught the way of keeping healthy, and made the prisoners clear how significant the eating is. You do not need to start from the beginning to have a healthy body. What you need is just start right now.
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