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Face To Face Family Reunion in Moon Festival

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Date & Time:2019/09/05 09:00-16:00
Location:Assembly hall
participate:215 individuals


“Face to Face Family Reunion in Moon Festival”was grandly held at the Assembly hall in Hsinchu Prison. To relieve the homesick from the inmates and make them feel free to enjoy the family time in Mother’s Day, our warden chief participated in the reunion and encouraged them considerately. This showed the charity of the prison and human rights manifestation through this reunion. In the reunion was filled with smiling and happiness from the inmates and their families. We believe that the support from the family is the key to make inmates with self-reliance in the future. We hope the society could give more encouragement and positive responses to the inmates, and also they should keep their nose clean for their family and society in return. Notably, the appearance of attending the reunion was highly up to 91%. The meaningful activity wrapped up at 4 p.m. with great happiness.

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